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2W/less Mics Dual 10" 2Sub Bluetooth Portable Sound Reactive Party Light USB/SD Rech Battery Remote

Dining & Beer / Wine bar / Accessories

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Yes 2 Wireless Microphones with this Dual 10" 2 Subwoofers Bluetooth Portable Party Speakers 2 Sound Reactive Party Lights, USB/SD Input, Rechargeable Battery, Remote Control.


EASILY CONNECTABLE: these speakers have your convenience in mind!
  • Bluetooth may be your favorite connection, and we understand, but there are times when other options are needed.
  • Jam-packed this ultimate party speaker with connections to ensure you have every option you need.
  • Offering USB, SD and AUX Inputs.
  • It also features Dual Microphone Jacks for your wired microphone, or your options for using the included Dual Wireless Microphone and feel free to move around.
  • The Party never stops while this speakers light show is wowing your guests!
  • There are two layers of individually reactive lights which change colors and move to the rhythm of your favorite tracks.
  • While you may have had other party lights in the past, this speaker is sure to amaze and entertain with its unique style and brilliant lights.
  • Hard mounted top handles, Embedded Side Handles, an extendable Back Rolling Handle along with Dual Rolling Wheels make this unit easy to transport and handle.
  • Designed with your convenience in mind so that you’ll never have to leave this speaker behind!
  • This speaker won’t impress you with its size alone.
  • The 10 inch Double Subwoofers offer a thunderous and thrilling power of this speaker will ensure that your guests will be moved by the music even if they lean against the walls!
  • Adjustable Treble, Bass, Echo, and Volume levels allow you to set the music just right.
  • Measures in at 41” High x 14.2” Wide 11” Deep



  • FM Radio, SD/MMC Card Input, USB Input, Includes 2 Wireless Microphones, Guitar Input, Rechargeable Battery, Dual Layer Reactive Party Lights, Bluetooth, Hard Mounted Top Handles, Retractable Trolley Handle, Wheels for Easy Portability, Amplified, Battery-Powered, Microphone Input, Remote Control
  • Bluetooth frequency range: 2.4GHz-2.480GHz
  • Includes - Speaker, Carabiner, USB charging cable
  • Strong clear brilliant sound

Sound Reactive Party Lights, USB/ SD Input, Rechargeable Battery, Remote Control And 2 Wireless Microphones

  • Size: 10 in.
  • Weight: 52.8 lbs


    • Type: Speakers
    • Length: 10 in
    • Width:   10 in
    • Weight: 45.3 lbs