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Custom Galaxy Cloud Fluorescence Mural Universe theme bedrooms children's bedrooms Living room photo picture painted on wall Sofa Backdrop Home Decor

Galaxy and Stars

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Custom Galaxy Cloud Fluorescence Mural in the Universe theme for your bedrooms.

For Hip kids and Children's bedrooms or on your Living room wall, with printed to fit full or part of your wall like a picture painted on the wall.

Custom Print 3D Galaxy Sky Mural. Baby nursery sky decor.

Maybe a sofa backdrop the this new home decor wall trend. 


You order Custom Galaxy Universe Cloud Mural,

We print,

Galaxy 3D Cloud Mural -> your size from 1Sq Yard to 10 Sq Ft.

Perfect to decorate the walls in your home.


This starry galaxy cloud wall canvas / wallpaper some say mural printed on ordering will envelope your space.

Try the custom Star Wars night sky universe in kids bedrooms or your Living room - printed to fit part of your wall like a picture painted on the wall or frame it and hang the Galaxy cloud above a your desk in the study.

Description :-

  • Style Galaxy cloud. 
  • Uses In Homes, Hotels, Space Interior decoration wall wallpaper. Teen-ages Room, Living Room, Study, Bedroom, 
  • Galaxy cloud wall mural.

DIY for your beloved's room, 

You will be the best designer for your house with this stylish realistic galaxy cloud mural.


4 Material available:  

3D Embossed                                      Straw texture                                                  Imitation leather                                        Waterproof canvas




 Size Matters! 

The default sizes of the Galaxy Cloud Murals

Have been mocked up here to illustrate :-

"The stunning interior design statement, your wall decor,

can achieve for you!

with InteriorDesignGenie Murals."



Size 1   Wide  4'7" x High  2'4" ft           1 Roll   =   $ 27.98

Area 10.76 sq Ft 

Metric   1 Sq M  = 140cm(W) x 70cm(H)

 For This Size Order "Quantity" Is 1 

Size 1 Galaxy Cloud Mural


Size 2  Wide 6'7" x High 3'3"                   2 Roll   =   $50.96 

Area 21.53 Sq Ft

Metric  2 Sq m =200cm(W) x 100cm(H)

For This Size Order "Quantity" Is 2


Size 3  Wide 7'3" x High 4'7"                  3 Roll   =   $ 73.94

Area 32.3 Sq Ft

Metric 3 Sq M=220cm(W) x 140cm(H)

For This Size Order "Quantity" Is 3


Size 4   Wide 8'2" x High 5'3"                     4 Rolls   =   $ 96.92

Area 43.06 Sq Ft 

Metric 4 SqM 250cm (W) x 160cm(H)

For This Size Order "Quantity" Is 4


Space stars universe cosmos deco.

Frequently asked questions.

FAQ 1 : What is the size of the mural wallpaper ? 

 This is custom mural wallpaper. We must produce according to your size. So please tell us your detail wall size (width & height). 

 If you haven't provided us your wall size within 24 hours, we will customize the mural wallpaper as per above the default size. 

 FAQ 2 : What is the material of the mural wallpaper ?

 There are 4 material available to choose (Straw texture / 3D embossed / Imitation leather / waterproof canvas). 

 If you didn't tell us your favorite surface material, we would produce the default material " Waterproof canvas" . 

FAQ 3 : I need 1 set of mural wallpaper, the size is 1.8m width and 1.6m height. How to order it ? 

 Area = width x height.   Square meters = Order Quantity

 Area = 1.8m x 1.6m= 2.86m2

So you should order 3 square meters = 32.29 Sq Ft.

Please choose "quantity 3" in the order.  

You will receive 3 Rolls of wallpaper witch will be Wide 7'3" x High 4'7" .


Type: Textile Wallpapers

  • Feature: Mildew Resistant,

  • Extra Thick,

  • Environment Friendly,

  • Formaldehyde-free

Material: Wood fibre wallpaper






Heat Insulation,



Pattern: Yes
Style: Europe
is_customized: Yes

Surface Treatment: Printed 

The website price is only for 1 square meter. We sell by square meters, not by rolls.

The mural wallpaper isn't self-adhesive. There isn't any glue or paste powder on the back of it. This gives you many options when it comes to display.






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