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3 Sound Party Lights 3 10" Subwoofers Portable Bluetooth 15" Speakers USB/SD input Radio Mic Remote

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Party Lights 3 10" Subwoofers Bluetooth Enabled Portable 15" Speaker With USB/SD Input, FM RADIO, Remote Control, and Supplied with a Microphone!

If you're a party professional like a DJ, wedding planner, or event planner looking for a new speaker system, check out beFree Sound's Party Lights Triple 10-Inch Sub-Woofers for an all-in-one party package.

This speaker delivers clear and intense sound thanks to 2500 watts of power as well as an exciting built-in light show.

Three large 10-inch subwoofers boost the bass and feature reactive party lights that add a fun and festive atmosphere instantly.

With built-in Bluetooth, connecting to music sources is easy, and you can even use the included remote to change tracks, adjust volume, or fiddle with the input settings without having to stay close to the unit.

The included microphone makes this speaker system a great choice for other events like pep rallies, campaign events, or outdoor festivals, too. 

The style of the system is nice, the sound quality is awesome, it’s easy to use and all for a great price.

  • "These speakers are wonderful! On a full charge, I have got 8 full hours of use outta these. Several of my friends are going to buy some now" (What customers are saying.)

This Speaker not only delivers a clear and extremely powerful sound but provides a light show to go with it.
Each of the three large 10-inch Sub-woofers has built-in reactive party lights which illuminate and liven up any scene.

The unit features a top control panel with two large illuminated volume control nobs each featuring a stunning blue halo light.
Separate volume control for the included Microphone and the general speaker volume allow you to control the sound settings to perfection.
You can even use the remote to change tracks and adjust everything from input to volume from across the room.

Whether you will you this unit for public speaking or social events, you simply can't go wrong.

2500 Watts PMPO
FM Radio
SD Input
USB Input
Built-in Reactive Party Lights
Three 10 Inch Sub-Woofers
Line in L and R
Charge / Charge Full Indicator
Built-in Side Handles 
Two 2.75 Tweeters
2.5 Illuminated Mic Volume Nob
2.5 illuminated Volume Nob

Digital Setting Display 
Two Top Handles 8.5 x 2 for easy transport
Can be rolled in front of behind
Treble, Bass and Echo control nobs
Mic Input
Guitar Input
AC 100-240v

Includes Remote Control: Requires 2 x AAA Batteries (Batteries not included)
Includes Wireless Microphone: Requires 2 AA Batteries (Batteries not included)
Separate Light ON/OFF Switch 
14 Extendable Antenna
Item Dimensions: 51.1 x 15.1 x 15
Item Weight: 45.3 LB


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