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Chess at Dragon Kingdom, Four corner Kingdom two tier battle valley Chess Set

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Chess at the Dragon Kingdom Four corner Kingdom gives unique two-tier battle valley Chess Set.

Fire-breathing beasts battle for supremacy above the charred remains of dragon warriors that perished in this never-ending battle.
Perched atop four corners of the kingdom, these winged monsters will not rest until they strategically best their opponent.
A thrilling and visually stunning way to enjoy a rousing game of chess.
InteriorDesignGenie Dragon Chess men
InteriorDesignGenie Dragon Kingdom Chess men.

What makes this themed Dragon Kingdom chess set unique?

3D Chess Set features pewter chess pieces matched that stand out perfectly on the glass chess board raised by the 5” resin towers.


What are the dimensions?

King Base Width: 1".

What the heck is the king base width? It is the diameter of the base of the king (the bottom of the king piece). This measurement is important when selecting the right chessboard square size for the chess pieces that will be playing on it.

Dragon Chess Set. King is 2-3/4" tall
  • Tallest piece is 2 3/4" high; 
  • The smallest piece is 2 1/8" high.
Product Dimensions: 15" X 15" X 9"Item weight: 14.4 lbs.
  • Board measures 13 5/8" x 13 5/8" x 4 7/8" high;
  • Polyresin and glass.

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