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Lights are statements and focal points in Interior Design and more... they are theme Anchors!

Posted by Vanda-Lynn Hughes on

Anchor your Interior Design theme's concept design, with a great pendant ceiling light. 

Your pendant feature chandelier or light, creates an immediate visual statement and focal point when entering the room. 

Select one that will immediately spark a reaction like WOW ... this space is going to be interesting!

What is that globe that looks like the moon about ?

Then their eyes focus on the wall or bed and they see your carefully chosen objects and wall art.

Maybe a star wars feature mural or butterfly digital canvas setting the themed for the space. 

The Galaxy Crescent Pendant Light by award-winning designer Lee Broom

would look great in a Galaxy Star Wars themed bedroom.

It appears a futuristic moon is hang in the room! 

  This design shows how a subtle little change to a sphere!

                 (Splitting the globe and adding two brass rings)











Result -



A uniquely imaginative light design to complete ... a Star Wars themed room using modern Designer Lights.



Hanging two Mini crescent lights and one larger one would transport the space into the galaxy!  


Hanging one on the right in this loft room, would carry the theme to completion and throw wonderful 360 degree light in the space.

Bringing the mystical moon into the bedroom at night.


Star wars canvas available click here 

By Vanda Hughes


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