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Galaxy theme bedroom by InteriorDesignGenie using pendant lights and wallpaper art.

Posted by Vanda-Lynn Hughes on

Full moon pendant light in Star Wars themed bedroom.

Here is another great pendant globe light for rooms where two will define an area of the room and soften the light.

The balanced globe in a brass ring triggers peoples imagination ...

Is it a basketball? 


A full moon balancing in the Universe?

A white glass sphere brings modern glamour to all themed Star War space themed boys bedrooms.

This double-glass pendant is graced with a shimmering metallic ring that surrounds its opal glass moon globe shade.


Loft bedroom bringing the outside in with the 3d custom wall mural 

"Galaxy Cloud"  and Full moon pendant light to compete this Galaxy themed bedroom available Click Here Light or Custom Mural 




by InteriorDesigner Vanda Hughes

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