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Best Portable Bar Drink Dispenser!

Posted by Vanda-Lynn Hughes on

This unusual gift will be sure to please the dad who has everything.

How about a gift for a Home Bar?

The gas pump liquor dispenser is one of many unique gifts for men.

Best Portable Bar Drink Dispenser!

This great Father's Day gift will add style to any Home bar or Liquor cabinet.

Home Bar
Simply fill the tank with your favourite liquor and serve it by pumping through the hose.

Double storage makes it perfect bar furniture for Brandy and Whiskey lovers.

Bar furniture

Now this is where it gets interesting what else could the man of the house do with it?

How about make his favourite fruit juice cocktails when he is training?

This liquid beverage dispenser, makes it easy to make a fruit mixes! 

Why not try "The Tropical Sunset" with Grapefruit and Pineapple Juices.


Tropical Sunset Cocktail!  (Now here is something special) 

It is soooo good.  It looks like a beautiful setting sun in the tropics and it tastes like the best fruity drink ever!

It’s great because it’s not too sweet!  

This cocktail has grapefruit juice and pineapple juice and they really balance each other out.  
Beverage Dispenser

Try adding a retro twist to your portable drinks service, enough for serving all his mates celebration shots.

Wunderbar !

LED Party Tray 6/12 Bottle / Shot Glass Tray Cup Holder colourful LED rechargeable light up Wine cups rack bars ice shots

Best Portable Bar Drink Dispenser! 

Details :-
Material: Food Grade PP, ABS Electroplating
Style: Gas Style(Size 1 ), Globe Style(Size 2)
Size 1 Volume: 900ml
Size 2 Volume: 1500ml
Size 1:  7.87" x 4.33" x 18.89" (Approx.)     /     Metric 16cm x 11cm x 48cm 
Size 1 Tube Length: 21.65" (Approx.)          /     Metric 55cm
Size 2 Diameter:5.51" (Approx.)                  /      Metric 14cm
Features: Simple, Easy to Use, Travel Dispenser, Portable, Creative

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